The Guest (2016)

Synopopsis : The Guest (2016) Movie tells of a man named Kai (Leon Lai) were given a great responsibility as CEO of a company. He must restore the glory of the company after one of his subordinates made a fatal mistake that led to the fall of the company’s stock.

Because under pressure, one night Kai decided to go out and spend a lot of alcoholic beverages on the streets.

He even confide all night with a taxi driver he hired. But now the task and a great responsibility awaits him.

Assisted by his wife, Lin Lin (Han Chae-young), Kai worked hard to restore the reputation of the company. But something bad happens. Could he do all that?

Release : March 2016 (China)
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Stars : Leon Lai, Han Chae-Young, Geng Le, Vae Xu, Da Baoge
Director : Lim Dae-Woong
Rating : 17+

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