Railroad Tigers (2016) Movie

Synopsis: Railroad Tigers (2016) Movie tells of the struggle of Ma Yuan (Jackie Chan) to lead the rebels against the Japanese occupation in China.

Earlier, Ma Yuan worked as romusha on a railway line built from Tianjing to Nanjing.

Do not want to be enslaved Japan, Ma Yuan led the resistance. Relying on his knowledge of the railway lines, Ma Yuan and his group successfully depriving native Japanese soldiers.

Railroad Tiger
Railroad Tiger (Photo : http://wellgousa.com/theatrical/railroad-tigers-1)

The booty was taken and distributed to the people who are starving because of the war. Uprising led by Ma Yuan reached the ears of Japanese military leaders.

Do not want to lose again, Japan add reinforcements to the city of Shandong. It tu necessarily a threat to Ma Yuan and his group.

For that, he must foil the plans of Japan. The only way to decide which bridge connecting train to Shandong. But the bridge was guarded Japanese.

Now Ma Yuan and his group fought risked their lives to foil the plans of Japan. Can they do it?

Genres: Action, Comedy, War
Release: January 6, 2017 (China)
Cast: Jackie Chan, Kai Wang, Zitao Huang, Fan Xu, Alan Ng, Darren Wang
Director: Ding Sheng
Production: Shanghai Film Group
Rating: PG-13

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