Never Gone (2016) Movie

Synopsis : Never Gone (2016) Movie tells the love story of two teenage high school, Cheng Zheng (Kris) and Su Yun Jin (Hi Fei Liu). Yun Jin is a girl who is very gentle and reserved.

Instead, Zheng Cheng is a guy who likes a nosy and likes to ride motorcycles. He always interfere with the girls, especially the Yun Jin.

Zheng Cheng Yun Jin pursuit of love since I was in high school up kuliah.Namun differences in family background and personality, causing them to be separated.

After the split, Yun Jin realized that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she had lost a child in an unnatural way. A few years later, Cheng Zhing back to Yun Jin. How the story next story between Zhing and Yun Jin Cheng?

Genre: Drama, Romance
Released : July 8, 2016 (China)
Starring : Kris Wu, Yifei Liu, Shijia Jin, Qin Li, Li Meng, Kimi Qiao
Director : Zhou Tuo Ru
Rating: R

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