Contractually Love (2017)

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Synopsis: Contractually Love (2017) tells of the lives of a man named Xiao Bo. He worked as a new assistant for Jin, a young CEO beautiful and intelligent.

Xiao Bo never know what motive makes him worthy of hired as an assistant Jin. Xiao Bo position as assistant to make him so close to Jin, including when they are to Paris.

In Paris, the two engage in a deeper romance. It also became the earliest evidence of their love.

But a few months later after their return from Paris, Jin reportedly pregnant. While so, Jin instead decided in love with Xiao Bo.

Xiao Bo felt strange with all that and think like framed. He decided to return to Paris to discover the hidden truth of it all. Then, how their love story end?

Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Liu Guonan
Cast: Sammi Cheng, Joseph Chang, Xianzi, Feng Wenjuan, Lam Suet, Li Mao, Jin Qiaoqiao
Release: February 14, 2017 (China)
Production: Bona Film Group
Rating: R