22nd Catch (2016)

Synopsis : 22nd Catch (2016) Chinese Movie tells of the life of Chen Meizhi (Qin Hailu), an event host Shopping Channel. She almost killed himself at sea after his fiancée betrayed their marriage.

Lucky she rescued their own wedding photographers Kwong-ching (Van Fan). Chen Meizhi not only failed in her love. Now she also impoverished and crisis themselves. But now she must rise up and fight to regain her dream. Could she do all that?

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Cast : Qin Hailu, Van Fan, Jamie Weng, Qu Ning, Jill Hsu
Director :
Released Date : 2016 (Taiwan, China)
Rating : Adult

Download Film Semi Mandarin 22nd Catch (2016)
22nd Catch (2016) Chinese Movie (Photo : Youtube.com)

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